SIMSEH 2: Milkania

When you don’t have any clue what SIMSEH is put for then now you may know – it means Super Intergalactic MILF Seeding Experiment Henshi! Intrigued already? Then play this game! Simply use spacebar to start it and also to bypass dialogs when required. At first you may think this game is some kind of visual books as you may see anime porn images with texts at the underside. Nevertheless, it is not. Just click through this component (or see it if you will not mind game having a narrative – it will not take long) and also the true game will begin. You will be enjoying as half-freaky half-awesome appearing green alien that will learn more about the labs and other degrees in search for hot chicks he can fuck afterward. In the event in case you got stuck only press B button to automatically open information window with controls and goals. Play now »

Rogue Courier Episode 1

This next game is going to take you to the future. The futuire in which to have your goals you’ll need to travel not just between nations but inbetween planets! Only by being good in the doing you can acquire sufficient experience, power and fame. And since this is manga porn game your achievement will be defined not by these parameters but just how many fucky-fucky your personality named Kouia obtained in outcome. However, no doubt with power and stardom it’ll be much easier to get fucky-fucky in the future… This game is really sophisticated and if you feel you could finish it in 5 minutes or so then you’re confused. There’ll be a whole lot of explorations and conversations ahead. Also this is just very first gig of the game. Just don’t forget to look at our site probably now you can discover other gigs there too. Play now »