Panties Run

This game is about spirit overcoming the old figure and making it to perform an incredible things. Or to put it differently whant an older pervert is capable of when it comes to getting youthfull bombshell’s undies! The characters you will meet in this game may seem familiar for you – they’re out of”Ranma” arcade series so this game is without the second thoughts could be referred to as a manga porn parody! So Happosai and Ranma comes with a bargain. Ranma will showcase that this old perv how what naughty things she could do with her bosy when he’ll bring back all the underpants which has been deepthroated off by the wind. The problem is that to get underpants our old man is going to need to conduct over rooftops and also leap among them and other obstacles! However, there isn’t any way he’ll decline this type of deal so he may use some help from you to achive achievement. Click here to make him leap while running or hold the button to generate the hop greater – there’ll be trio degrees that you must hammer! Play now »