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The xmas season is getting nearer to the end but the most important character of this story (and the player as well) doesn't seem to feel any pleasure or cheer because he's still lonely... nevertheless it all about to change throughout the ordinary walk thru the fancy decorated road when he meets one of his old buddies named Wendy who ha sgrowned into quite attractive blonde with the perfect resources and which is more precisely the ideal mood so if our dude will perform his cards properly he might find the very greatest present for this particular Xmas from whomever he wasn't expecte dto get anything whatsoever... and from"playing his cards" we mean that he will have to make a set of choices that'll let him to have closer and closer together with Wendy and ofcourse he will not be able to do that without player's help.
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Slutty McSlut is back again - Would you still have sack of babymakers to play because her boyfriend? Then don't make her wait - she does not like it! Especiall if after saving her wicked resurrcted girlfriend (this is where you may want to play the former scene of this game series) you find yourselves on a distant island in the middle of nowhere! And like this is not sufficient some bad men have taken within the neighborhood airport - so if you would like to find house you and Slutty should take it back! The game is created in style of"Legend of Zelda" adventures - even the moment in which you learn more about the island seems the same! However, other familiar elements are on their locations - you will have to meet a great deal of different personalities, accomplish thier quests or simply response their quiz test and get some hentai pictures as prize... or lost your health if can do some thing wrong!
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