Katarina: The General’s Daughter

An interesting 3D vid game where you will learn the story of the daughter of an overall named Katarina. So Katarina was captured by the enemies. A local leading led Katarina into a darkened den. He wants information but Katarina is silent. We will need to find a means to untie her tongueagain. For this, the important determines to use the tactics of crazy fucky-fucky. He predicts several sorcerers and they rip off her clothing from Katarina. Then the dude starts fucking big-boobed Katarina in her cock-squeezing cunt and curved backside. It hurts a lot and Katarina starts yelling. The dude keeps fucking Katarina over and over along with also the chick convulses. Definitely now Katarina is prepared to response all queries. Use your mouse to interact with all interactive elements. Let us embark the game immediately. Play now »

LOL Tales

“League of Legends” is arguably among the most popular games all around the worl dthese days. Partly because it has quite long list of characters and many of them are really hot ladies for any taste. So no wonder that sometimes they make appearance in manga porn parodies as well. This game is made publication of tales. It is possible to choso eone of locatiosn in which you want to go. There you’ll meet some personalities and probably you’re going to fight them. But don’t worry – it will be part of story telling telling and not the component of gameplay (if if you’re not indeed good at palying teh first game). The gameplay here will start when our personalities can turn the fight. Simply play a minigame to progress the story and enjoy manga porn scenes! Play now »