Katarina: The General’s Daughter

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This is a 3D computer game that tells the story of Katharina, a general’s daughter. This could be the reason Katarina was captured by the enemy. A major in the area has brought Katarina to a dark den. He is in need of information, but Katarina is silent. we want to seek out the most effective method to let loose her tongue. To accomplish this, the most important is to choose sexually explicit methods. He mentions witch doctors and advises Katarina to strip off her clothing. The swell starts to fill Katarina’s entire body, encased in tight cunts and spherical abodes. Katarina begins screaming as it gets painful. Katarina is shaking as the swell continues to take over Katarina. Definitely, Katarina is currently able to answer all questions. Use the mouse to act with the interactive components. Let’s start the game as shooting.

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