Quickie: Mai

The other one hentai game from”Quickie” string – visual books where you get all the simple genre thoughts such as options and distinct endings without spending a lot of time onto walkthorugh (and that is also why it’s tagged as”Quickie” clearly). Now you’ll get the chance to meet stunning gal Mai who is not only hot looking but also very talented pianist. Do you have any tips about how best to entice piano playing dame? Well, once again – give it a try and make few of your own choices will see everything on your own! There migth be an ending with everything that Mai loves in fuckfest letting you to do with her and the ending sans any lovemaking at all so you can easily replay it couple of times if you wnat to unlcok them all. Play now »

Elsa x Jack Frost: Don’t let it go (Part 2)

As all of us know Elsa is not jost alluring looking toon princess but she is also the ice queen so she might have some troubles with finding herself a paramour because of that. But there is an alternative that might work – to match with Jack Frost who also manages the cold and that may fuck this royal blonde without concealing his dick out… or at least this is the strategy but how real it’ll be you can determine on your own while playing this not really hard game – a sensual themed parody clashing together these chilly figures like Elsa and Jack Frost to provide you one truly hot flash! Since you have probably noticed in the title this is currently second region of the narrative so it is encouraged to play the first-ever part prior to kicking off this one that you can find on our website. Play now »

Sanguine Rose [v Alpha 1.0.2]

“Sanguine Rose” is really a visual novel with powerful sensual and hentai elements that occurs in dream setting. The main leading lady of the story is Carmen Valentine whose adventures have brought to her attention of the wealthy and powerfull people since she wa snot constantly acting as a law obiding citizen. And even however she’s managed to break away the authorities for a time one day she got caught by the group of mercenaries who are now relocating her into the capita but since this can be al ong manner they’ll need to stay at the tavern to get a night. Here is where things will become even more intense but the result will depend on your own decisions as well so how this narrative will end for Carmen is something which you will have to figure out all on your own. Play now »

Tower [v 0.36.1 Light]

This game is a youthfull smith from a neighborhood village who decided to go in search of adventure in order to earn wealth and fame. The game is totally interactive and you can choose any path to go thru. With the help of the world map you can budge inbetween locations. Entering a town that is neighborhood, you can borrow a store to buy weapons and armor, as well as visit a pub to find out the latest rumors and news. Speak to the woman of the house and now she will invite you to have hump. On the bulletin board you’ll discover quests to conclude. When you conclude the mission you’ll be given a prize and are going to be able to spend currency on a prostitute. Therefore, in case you prefer to explore the fantasy planet that game is just for you. Play now »

Summoner’s Quest Ch.9.5

New gig of Summoner’s quest is here – and it is chapter 9.5 alreday! The sport itself is some sort of visual book and parody anime porn game at precisely the same moment. You’ll be likely throuh a great deal of dialogs. No, you’ll be going thru a great deal of dialogs – which is more accurate description. You will meet a good deal of famous chracters – mostly by”League of Legends”. Which ones of these may become your buddies and which not you’re able to decide in those few moments when you will be permitted to determine where to budge the game story . But regardless of how it will go you will get your prize at the very end – hot hump scene with all characters from the game! In the event you played LoL, such as games with a great deal of text along with humore and does not mind to see on sexy girls then you need to try this sport. Play now »