The Massage Institute 6: Unfinished Business

The things goes on at the Massage Institute and to be truthful, some of them are doing more quickly than you imagined they would. Christina’s efforts have produced positive results and the number of clients continues to increase with each passing day. With all this attention, it also requires those in the team to be more productive and be more productive than they did previously. This task is up to you – find the most effective way to encourage Suzi however at the same time , don’t neglect to fulfill your own duties as well. The pressure gets higher, the circumstances become more dangerous, but under all that pressure , remember one simple but important thing to enjoy every moment you spend with these amazing beautiful ladies! Play now »

A date with Yvette

You are an city clerk who sometimes fucks escorts. Your job is boring and you always wait for Friday evenings to satiate your sexual fantasies. Now you came home and turned on the laptop. You go to the site with escorts and observe that a fresh face has appeared. This is a gorgeous nymph. She’s 23 years old and her name is Yvette. She enjoys techno music and club parties. Surely you would like to spend time. For this you come in her dialog. To socialize with all game objects use the mouse. And after that you’ve got to find out the story of acquaintance with a lovely and depraved girl will progress. Maybe after visiting the club will visit your house… Play now »