Odyssey of Jon Snow

This flash game can take you . A bastard is in town called Jon Snow. He the night watch. 1 night once a party, Cersei meets with John Snow. They converse, and John cannot take his eyes off Cersei’s enormous melons. She finds this and suggests a game. He could visit Cersei fully nude if a few questions are answered by John Snow. So you have got to help John have sex. When you answer three questions, you’ll notice an animated sex scene. Cersei may suck on John’s fat spear. So the bastard can fuck the Cersei king’s arse after again and over. The bastard goes to the night observe and on the way fucks the cook-girl from the native tap house. And Cersei is luving fuckfest together with her older brother. Begin the game and find out tons a great deal of items that are attention-grabbing. Play now »