Shared Tsunade Sex

This video game will tell you the incredible story of Tsunade, a girl of just a few years old and her 2 teenage sons. So, in a wooded clearing, the sonishi lady Tsunade is teaching breathing techniques to 2 young boys named Naruto and Sasuke. The breathing technique that is being taught is known as “Deep Throat.” The new breathing method isn’t easy. Tsunade is sitting quietly while Sasuke speaks to Naruto. Naruto has been known to fuck Tsunade in the past and Sasuke is in awe of his. Naruto is also required to take on the son of a milf. Sasuke and Naruto are the two main characters who inspire. Sasuke suggests giving Tsunade a sleeping pill. Once she’s asleep, Sasuke will fuck her. Naruto accepts and, each minute they offer Tsunade drinking water with sleeping pills. Tsunade’s presence is a problem. Naruto holds Tsunade in a tight grip while Sasuke tears her clothing off. It’s too much for the boys to accept, and they use Sasuke. At this point, Tsunade has been ready for a double sexual penetration. Let’s get started and then decide what happens the next time. Play now »