Erotic date: Gina

How about sensual date with busty hotty in a sexy red dress? Gina is ready to go if you’re agree afterward! And yes, Gina is your lady you will be walking out with yelling. At the same time that you’ll play as dude named Danny. Danny and Gina at the reception desk have fulfilled when he was a courier providing her parcel. He liked her probably more than the girls he ha smet before so he starte dto visit her almost daily. Plus it appears like this trick worked since Gina seems to enjoy him in return. What next? A late-night ofcourse! And that is where the game starts and you will choose the part of Danny. Your main objective is to tempt Gina and create everything possible to bring he rto hotel room tonight… but if your choices will be scanty during the evening to the motel you’ll take just your own embarrassment! Play now »