Rack [v 1.1]

In this game you’re likely to explore just exactly what you’ve been researching in many other anime porn games – you will soon be epxlroing the methods for reaching an orgasm! Only here you’ll be doing it at a more scientfic manner since everything will happen in the lab and you will be controlling every step of the experiment by activating certain actions thru the manage console whenevr you’ll see it necessary according to reatcions form a test topic. The only thing left to do is to pick with which subject you are eager to work in the present time and the game will begin. Ofcourse since this is simply a game and it’s anime porn oriented you can get the job done with ordinary people but with a few unshaved characters as well. Have joy! Play now »

The Mad Professor

Meet professor Adam. Last couple of years he’s spend in his laboratory working on his fresh exciting experiments which just recently has shown some effects. What kind of consequences? Well, somehow he was able to invent the formula for a serum that’s capable to halt time around him! So the upcoming evident question is how is he palnning to use it? And the answer is demonstrable a swell – that cram finally fuck each of the women he wanted to fuck but not had an opportunity (you remember that you are playing this game on sensual website, dont’ you?) . So go after the story of professor Adam and love lots of erotic scenes while also don’t forget to ask this question yourself – with such a good power how much responsibility you would be able to keep? For erotic games check our website! stop time Play now »