Destiny’s Child: “Say My Name”

This game is a short parody at which you will find the chance to creep into changing room of fairlypopular a while ago type”Destiny’s Child”. Yeah, the one with three black bombshells in it so if this is your theme then waste no more time and have some fun with all of them. The gameplay is extra easy – everything you’ll have to do this would be to choose among three looped animation which will mostly define which one of 3 ladies will ride on top of your large hard trouser snake while another two will delight you with their large tits and also have some twat fingerfucking. Each scene has a jizz shot alternative which will let you cum inside the gal who is riding your manhood right now. It will finish the game ofcourse but you can just get back to the scene by clicking only one button, choosing. Play now »