Sex Kitten TV Dinner

The adventures of nekobitch Slutty McSlut along with the misadventures of her beau (which is you, the player, if if you still haven’t figured out it) are about to continue in this mix of quest, quiz, rpg and who knwos what genres (like the hentai contents ofcourse) that we all understand by the title”Sex Kitten” (know and most likely even adore). Incidentally if you weren’t paying enough attention right from the start this vignette can be termed as”TV Dinner” which promises just a little bit more focus of parody elements than usual… Or maybe not – you can’t ever be certain when it comes to Slutty McSlut and her mad requests that you being her boyfriend (yeah, rather) will need to fullfill risking yoru own health and sometimes even yoru life! . . God chance?

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