Panchira Town 2

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Panchira Town 2 is a game where all teh text are in japanese but it’s still true that you can understand what you have to do to get some exciting content. Give this game a chnace even in the event that you don’t understand the language. The concept of this game show is following: you’ll visit different places situated in some oriental city at nighttime. There you’ll find adorable ladies. With a few of them you may have a dialogue with while others you’ll play some ordinary minigames. Ofcourse winning these games will supply with hentai images as prizes. The contols in each scene or minigame are quite intuitive and you will usually know what you want to do or even youw know it pretty fast. If you will love playing this game don’t leave behind to check other games from the same series which you can always find on our site.

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