Dirty Ernie Show Ep. 6

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If you do not mind about some hospital comedy (which – lets be honest – not for everyone) then you probably heard of”Dirty Ernie’s display”. And tonaght you can look for it’s 6th vignette ! So today is a great day for the hospital in which Ernie is – today comes the huge shipment of unique medicines including both valium and viagra. Why these two? As it matches best for Ernie’s pranks in your personal! And you will be permitted to select which to use. Or may be he can use one of tose blue tablets for himself becaus ethis sandy-haired nursie is quite in his taste… But regardless of what you will cchoose get ready to witness jokey and hot animations ! And of course when you haven’t seen previous (or may be next) episodes of this show then check our site for them!

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