Anko’s Room

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Brave Naruto and sexy Anko don’t indeed need to search any reasons to have a fucky-fucky marathon whenever they want to fuck. Today is one of those days when they’re going to bang each otheragain and they are going to do it the more intense the more intense you will be clicking on the action button! But be carefull – too much of arousal brings Naruto’s curse back to life so you have to be very carefull and keep an eye on the pleasure bar but on the curse pub as well. In order to win the game and enjoy special ending scene with cum shot you will have to fill the pleasure pub sans cramming the curse pub – sounds pretty obvious and effortless, don’t you think? Now try to perform it in the actual game and if you will do that on the effortless difficulty level then don’t leave behind to try normal and hard levels after that!

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