WOW Chronicles Orc vs Elf

At the Wold of Warcraft there are a number of conflicts between orcs and elves… however scarcely any of them is equally as much exciting as the one that you will see within this hentai parody game! That’s correct – because it is manga porn parody here big orc dude and huge-titted elven chick are going to not have a struggle but to have sex! The whole romp scene is created in a kind of miniagme so you will not sense yoruself as an ordinary spectator who’s deciding for nothing. The game itself is not difficult and the artstyle and naimation are fairly pleasant so this game will provide you a wonderful relaxing time if you got tired of WOW quests… and even in the event you haven’t ever played the game however you don’t mind of some fantasy themed interactive erotic entertainment then this game could work just fine for these functions also!

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