Wonder Woman love anal penetration

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This fun fucky-fucky story happened in Chicago. There lives a normal bookworm with only two joys in life – mommy and porno. But in the city lives the Wonder Woman who assists Chicago occupants in a situation that is tricky. She sits on another roof and sees a dude jerking a pecker at a poster with her photo. The lady becomes sorry for the local dude and she determines to help him. 1 day, the dude walks to the city park as the Wonder Woman in a sexy attire all of a sudden shows up. She grabs the dude and hauls him into the bushes. There Wonder Woman takes his pants off and starts sucking his cock. She undoubtedly luvs deep-throating strangers. The dude becomes wrinkled and his pink cigar slams out like a iron pole. Dude takes off her Wonder Woman skirt and starts to fuck her in a taut backside. Wonder Woman loves assfucking fucky-fucky and quickly reaches assfuck orgasm…

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