Spot The Differences With Catie

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The name of the hot version which you will notice in the main menu is Catie and she doesn’t mind of you to take an extremely close look at her hot photos. Even more – she will suggest you to play the game that will actually make the analyzing of her pictures into main feature! This genre is known as”spot the difference”. During each level you’ll receive two of Catie’s photos which could seem indistinguishable but ofcourse that they are not. Each pair will have 5-6 gap catches sight of which you’ll need to find. After you will find them you can go to another level and see more of Catie there! The sooner you will discover all the spots and the less mistakes you’ll make will provide with certain number of points. Therefore, in the event you’ve got adult friends then it’s possible to send them connect to this game and have some friendly rivalry.

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