Office Secretary 2

Being a secretary is hard these days. Linda understands that for certain. Here is one day out of her working life. There are her collegues – they need to catch and play with her buttocks every day. But since they have any evidence of Linda’s affair with chief they go from wanting to doing it! There will be a few minigames of playing with Lind’s booty – and the day has started! And when her booty will not be sufficient they’ll pay any attention to her cooch as well… and where in th office did they get fucktoys anyhow? Well, if Linda acquired some enjoyment then she will have to give some pleasure back – she will have to provide a handjob. And because her and her cellegues eventually get along they decide to see her at home tonight… Sexy animated minigames and a great deal of orgy scenes with sex-positive secretary Linda await!

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