Mario is Missing 2

Marios is lost and Mushroom Kingdom is under assault? Who will be brave and blessed enough to have a journey through the enemy hordes and save the day? Who else but Mario’s girlfriend aka Princess Peach! In this game you’ll be playing less a plumber but as royal blonde which adds features that are interesting. Seems like Bowser has learned a lesson and cast a charm out his gumba troops turneing them in monsters that were alike! But there is a way to conduct the allure of spell by draining out the life essense from them… and also Princess Peach can accomplish this simply by fucking them ! Following Peach will serve the enemy and gets a cumshot it’ll become regular gumba so she could suish him now just like Mario failed before. But all the other platforming elements like running and jumping are still here so don’t wait this game to be a simple ride! Additionally her suits that you will get through the game are far more sexy than Mario’s…

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