Haruhi touch and fuck Mikuru

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These anime gals are so cute when playing each other… and today there will be Haruhi Suzumiya playing with Mikuru Asahina! You’ll be managing sweet Haruhi and even she has sexy by Mikuru’s ne wlook – hot bunny woman! Touch this halloween clad bi-atch here and there to make her horny. Prove her knockers and twat to the man who will be joining the business in right moment (you’ll see only his ready-for -action dick tho ). Keep taunting Mikuru’s twat and play with her indeed beautiful tits. Keep nymphs horny Haruhi might see her lovely gf getting fucked like a sexy bunny at last! Using very ultra-cute and nicely animated images this manga porn flash game will display you how bitchy Mikuru becomes under Haruhi’s bad effect!

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