Fuck Town: Space Exams

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An expidition to Mars is closer than you think thushow about to practice for it right now ina videogame format? And if you ar enot into space theme in any way the n don't worry - this is manga porn game and there will be lots of different chicks here and now and not somewhere far away. The concept is next - you are trying to earn the place between the very first researchers for expidoition on Mars. For that you will have to demonstrate your skills and knowledges in a set of tests. Each of theses testings will be provided from different but always sexy looking ladies so if you will pass them then you ar egoing to get something else as reward... These testings will include quiz qestions from very differnt science fields so it'll be very helpfull if you will indeed know the subject instead of simply guessing (yet this strategy can do the job as well).