Batman Strikes Again

Interesting animated flash game. Thus, watch out the people of Gotham since the knight of darkness has detected a fresh means to penalize one in each of them. And for a few, it might be worse than visiting Arkham’s hideout! But, because we’ve got a propensity to recognize there are too a few crazy psychos, one among most Gotham’s criminals, and among them are Harley Quinn, who had been captured on internet to figure out precisely what recent nice attender required for her, she allowed him catch her. And that’s once – which each one happened – attender fucked Harley in many ways that, and he made it a lot of faster. The most recent body fluid is flowing everywhere her stained face – perhaps she should turn into the attender crew after tonight? Or even she is likely to commit another offense to advocate fucked once more as punishment? Therefore let us start the game now.

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