Sephiria vs Nano-C

Sephiria is a sexy commander with forms. She appears to have become some kind of sexual captivity with covert battles, andnow she has to battle in the ring with different monsters and aliens, otherwisethey will crawl their tentacles into every hole from the body of the poor woman to kill her and have hard sex with her! It's worth the blonde to unwind, as a alien will lick nipples with her slimy tongue and then thrust at his tentacles! The game is created from the genre of fighting, in which you play with the alien. Your aim - to prevent the attacks of the woman, after that at the right time grab her with tentacles to fulfill thepleasure scale. You will be shown scene, after the scale is full. Use the arrows left and right to proceed, and arrowsup and down to attack. Have a wonderful time!

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Kanzen Koryaku Nami

Many of you can not understand any word within this game. Nonetheless, it's not so bad, simply pick one of these 3 starting pointsthen click on various body components to satisfy the pleasure bar in the left side and progress into the next scene.

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