switch puzzle

Hentai Puzzle 5

This is alread 5th gam ein teh serie sso you probably already understand exactly what you have to do - put together puzzles and love resulting hentai images... only this time it won't be just static 2D pictures - it will be revived hentai scenes withe 3D! Ofcourse the fact that pictures are animated now means that all the pieces are going to be aniamted well and it will undoubtedly add a little bit more challenge to the game. Also the puzzle solving process is going to be not some old-style jigsaw type - here you can interchange only those elements that are placed next to each other until they all will get on thei decent places. Aftr which you can love the scene or access to the next puzzle... which will have increasingly more puzzle elements! More logic games with hentai content you can always get on our site!

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