Hire Me Fuck Me Give Me A Raise Fast Food 2

Very complicated game that can take to the other side of this counter at fastfood and cafe business. It'll involve a great deal of managment, sumulator as well as rpg components... and yes, seducing hot women in waitress uniform is also included but do not expect that the entire fucky-fucky magic will take place in open click of a button - just like in real world you will need to work hard to get even the tiniest victory. You will have to plan your daily activities based on the amount of your abilities and vitality, free-for-all time and just how much cash you've already earned o rnee dto earn - ofocurs eyou will probably be creating soem mistake put first-ever but once again you will get nothing until you actually commence trying - just like in real life (just here you could actually wash the dishes in a single click of a button after all)!

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