record of lodoss war

Deedlit Gangbang

In this depraved flash game you will learn the story of an elf named Deedlit. Deadly is the youngest of the high elves, and the only kid born in a million years--Estas function as the last kid born before . Her mommy and dad were both ancient by human terms when she had been born. Since the youngest of these people, the high elves clan caught its hopes on her. Although Estas was already over a thousand years old himself once she was born, both he and Deadlit where expected to a day Mary. Therefore that the elf was attacked by most vampires. They ripped off her clothing and started to rape her. Certainly 1 fat fuck-stick Fucks an elf at the bootie while she sucks a 2nd man meat. And then there's her assfuck crevice. Could an elf get through a gang rape?

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