Attack of Giant Penises

This is point and click sensual adventure. You were having good time with your girlfriend andsuddenly she was killed by the penis. You run to your house and you're planning the revenge. Use YOUR MOUSE and click on object to interact together. Find your gun and bullets and be prepared when the penises will break into your own cottage.

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Epic Sexy Magic

First of all this game unites all five sequences that premiered before so now you can love the entire escapade at once! The stroy takes place in certain medieval realm where magic still lives... as well as people who wish to use this magical to create real their wildest wants! You may start the game as gentleman who is not allowed to enter the city. So how he could get? It is time to test may be some reach dude slamming some blonde biotch in the forest nearby? Today it is time to check is this magical wand which you have can flip his garments into your laundry. And that is simply the first-ever quest in the match - play the game, solve riddles, find items and enjoy the narrative. And naturally have your time to check all the sexual episodes you will get along the way!

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Fuck Town: College Life 3

You Are a teacher of astronomy at the College of Art. It's an exam-time and allof your students havealready passed your exam, except Sophia Martin. She wasn'teven coming to your assignments, so you can now get some reward if she would like to pass your exam.

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