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Rewrite: A Village Life 0.3.0

The evnts of this game is occurring in the Isle of Furria but do not believe that it is becaues of those furious critters are living here or something - actually that this island is a really pleasant and quite quiet location where plenty of individuals are into farming and everything that's related with that. Ofcourse this is what you'll do as well - you may find a diminutive palace and also the place to get a garden which you will be taking care of. It is possible to operate in the area, plant different vegetables and fruits, collect the harvest and then sell it at the petite town near. At some point you will become rich enough to get some animals also. Also in the city you can meet few differenet characters a few of which are nice searching women and this is the point where the other facet of the game is going to be unsheathed...

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