Workaholic Party

Your name is Justin and you work for a major company that is exploring the black metal market. Much like, you stayed on the job. You leave the office and see that the lights are on in the assistant's office. You enter the office and see a beautiful and huge-titted secretary. Her name is Natalie. Definitely you want to speak with her and get to know her better. For this you have to use the correct options for the improvement of the conversation. Be considerate and don't give a motive for rudeness. You are able to win the trust of Natalie. And you then are going to have a chance to have orgy with her filthy and perverted. If you're ready embark playing at the moment.

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Wild Fuck

Despite the name of this game the entire story will occur in the workplace and not some outside wilderness. What is it wild in this match then? Well, the secrertary! The operating day will start with your secretary revealing you... her big breasts! And following a brief dialog part of this game (in which you'll have to select one right lineup of 3) the fever will move higher! Because there's no more workers around she will benefit from the boner her huge boobs have gave you... and she'll use her enormous boobs for it! A set of interactive animations - and here she's on top of xerox machine letting you not just to watch her moist pussy but also really wanting you to fuck it! And hint for the future - should you wish to keep your sex in the office in secret don't take action on the xerox machine.

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Working for Evil

Brandon works as a journalist or something else like that. He's surrounded by 3 hot babes in the workplace. However, his boss Amanda behaves as a terrorist. Complete your activities and you are going to have the ability to fuck her. Meanwhile enjoy secretary of the and your college's pussies.

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