Liara T'soni

Liara – Cum Dumpster

If you you tried to build intimate relationship with Liara if you were playing"Mass Effect" videogame then you're going to liek this next game even more it will flash you some thing which you can never see from official game. Are you prepared to learn how whorish Liara really is? Then wait for downloading (yeap, then it might take some time because of 3D graphics) and hit the start button! The notion of the game is based on Liara's love for individual money-shots. And she likes to have loads in her mouth so much that she counts not only the number of geysers she got and guzzled today but also how many calories and protein she acuired from it! Want to share in her experiment? Then tell her to start her mouth and shoot your fountains in! Furthermore, you are going to observe that game has an achivement program - will you manage to unlock all of them?

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