Candy Shop – Gummy

Candy Shop has new sweet and gloppy escapade for you ! Are you prepared to enjoy it? Then click the start button ! However, the narrative in thi scene will start with some great catastrophe - our mad (but buxomy and additionallylatex adoring) therapist has the greatest loss of doctors can had - her helper isn't any stay working with her! Exactly what happened, why did she ever leave and will never come back? These questions might have to wait but now it's all up to Andy to help therapist to eade up the strain. And what's going to help the best in a situation like this? Possessing a great deal of sexual experiments using something both sweet and sticky... such as Gummy! Yep, Gummy - is the doll who is made up entirly of chewing gum but still has all the fucking functions as the real chicks have. And these functions are just about to get examined...

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