The Ghost of Halloween

A depressing story happened in the city. That the passerby was not seen by the blonde and crushed him to death. Ridiculous death. The ghost of the deceased remained on Earth to punish the stupid blonde. He prepared for quite a long time. This was Halloween. A ghost appears at the blond's palace. Then he comes in the building and in the room of the 2nd floor a blonde that is stupid is found by the ghost. It is time to get revenge. So you have to check round the building to find some quest items. Start your research in the bedroom, kitchen and additional bedrooms, then from the basement. If you discover all objects return to the room with the blond. And embark fucking her with a baseball bat at a cock-squeezing cunt. Tie her palms and then gag it. Because she's to blame for your death, rape the blond. Do it.

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