Fuck Town: Useful Profession

Can having a talent of lockpicking be a usefull one? Of course, notably in Fucktowna nd peculiarly today! Why now? Since today our her that skills is neede yet another time - don't worry, it is not a misdeed. Out hero uses his ability to help people. Like this sexy woman who gets secured the doorway to the studio sans using a key with her! And she indeed must have in there - this is the reason why she calls you. This is the place where the first minigame will happen - you'll have to unlock the lock. It might appear hard at first but when you have the main idea of the mystery you will get the task done. After that you are able to speak about your prize for this alluring lady and even invite her to your place for recieveing it this is Fucktown after locking and all minigame isn't the only one you can perform !

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