Christmas Hentai Math

Would you like Christmas? Do you enjoy hot anime dolls? Would you like math? In case when you liek all of them then you probably will like this game as well! All that you will need to perform in this game is to love hot manga porn pictures with hot dolls all clad up (not too much really) to get xmas season. Or, and you will have to solve math tasks to unlock all these manga porn images of course. Overall there'll be up to 20 degrees. Type in the reaction from the certain area of the display but remembe r- not just you need to solve it correctly you also need to do it until the time runs out! Each ideal answer will let one to see next picture. Each incorrect answer or in case you're going to run out of time will move you one level back. Tat's all. Today it is time to check is your mind still functioning when looking at sexy girls?

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