Bo Peep Candy Co

Candy Shop – Neapolitan

Since you very likely know the desserts aren't just cakes and sweets but also such wondeful items within an ice mayo! Also it gives an answer on why the entire study room at the Bo Peep Candy corporation was revved into some sort of the refrigerator - now's woman is going to be made from Neapolitan dessert! Ofcourse it also might provide our evaluation guy Andy with specific discomforts or even threats but the way he can get a chnace to fuck a ice mayo woman ? Or that's how his crazy boss is settling her awareness of responcibility for her workers at least... Entirenew scene of this lengthy playing humorous series about Candy Shop team that can turn any dessert into sexy and - what is more important - nailable chick! Sexy sex and jokes are always included!

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