Jack Lot

This sport is a combination of blackjack and even lottery gaming game. You will receive brand new video with this babe if you conquer your opponent.

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Online Sexy Blackjack

As the title says this match is a blackjack with stripping women and multiplayer mode. Game begins with you making your personality - the one that'll be undressed in case if you'll be loosing too often. The sport is played with 3 normal 52 cards decks. Although you can be a participant or the dealer. Each trun the function will change. Your main goal is to attempt and get a sum of cards of 21 points. In case the amount is reduced - it depends on how near 21 your competitor will be. If your amount is finished 21 - you then loose the round immediately! Each round somebody will loose one element of clothing - it may be either your character or your opponent's character. Ofcourse the player whose girl has come to be absolutely nude after few rounds will loose the match in total and the winner will likely be rewarded with a very nice view!

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