Splatman And Throbin

Charlie is always prepared to breath some new life into old TV shows. This time she is special guest at parody on"Batman". And not a few overdue dim and realistic Batman movies but this silly looking TV series in the 60's! And she is going to perform the part of Batgirl... well, Splatgirl - that is a parody after all! Story starts with infamous Diddler obtained Dynamic Duo to his snare and now on his own way to eliminate off them once and for everyone. Can there be a better location and time for a few personal revelations? Ofcourse it is! Or could be they simply buying time for Splatgirl to come back along and rescue them from getting into really big asshole (literally)? Take pleasure in the story and animated scenes and also take a while in the narrative - pick one of three options if needed and attempt to guess what will happen next!

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